Earby drug dealer is spared jail

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An Earby dealer who was selling cannabis to other users was spared jail and got help with his own addiction.

Burnley Crown Court heard how Jonathan Jones was doing it for a long time, but would not have made much money as he gave almost as much for the drugs as he sold them for.

Jones, who had supply-related text messages on his phone, arranged for his girlfriend to hand over small amounts of drugs to buyers at their home when he was out.

She had not been prosecuted over the sale of cannabis.

Jones, said to have been a low level street dealer, had what his solicitor described as a “rather pathetic eight plant arrangement” at his home.

The defendant (32), of Warwick Drive, Earby, admitted being concerned in the supply of cannabis.

He was given 12 months in prison, suspended for a year, with supervision and a drugs rehabilitation requirement.

David Macro, prosecuting, said police found a history of text messages between January 2011 and February 2012.

It was clear the defendant was selling cannabis to other people in various quantities, from £10 bags, up to half an ounce.

Mr Macro said officers discovered he had sent 13 messages and received 10 that were clearly drug supply related. He continued: “The profit margins didn’t seem to have been that great.”

Mr Macro added: “He clearly arranged for buyers to go to his house while he was out, to get the drugs from his girlfriend, in fairly small amounts.

He received a text message from somebody asking: “Have you got any buds in, pal?” The defendant replied: “Not about at the moment. Just go to my house. I will text my bird.”

Kristian Cavanagh, defending, said Jones was involved over a protracted period, but in reality it was low level street dealing to fellow users.

Mr Cavanagh added Jones had pleaded guilty at the first opportunity.

The lawyer continued: “It’s 12 months since the offence was committed. His record, although poor, has no previous convictions for drugs offences, except for a recent possession matter.”