Epilepsy sufferer died following fit

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A Colne man who suffered from epilepsy died from a fit after a weekend of drinking, an inquest heard.

Stuart Miller (34) was found dead in his house in Ruskin Avenue on Sunday, February 24th.

The court heard from his fiancee, Danielle Whitham, who said he had gone to a friend’s on the Friday night.

“At 9-45pm he said he was going to a friend’s. I told him he would not end up coming back and he had work in the morning. I text him later on saying ‘you were supposed to be back an hour ago’. He replied saying ‘don’t tell me what time I have to come home’. So I left it at that.”

On Saturday, Miss Whitham went to a 60th birthday party and stayed over at a friend’s.When she returned home on Sunday at 10am, Mr Miller was back and in bed.

“He came downstairs at around 1pm and went straight back upstairs,” said Miss Whitham, who found the body at 3pm.

Mr Miller had suffered a serious head injury in 2005 which had brought on his epilepsy.

Consultant pathologist Dr Abdul Al-Dawoud said he found a small amount of anti-depressants and amphetamine in Mr Miller’s system, which could have lessened the effect of the drugs he was taking for his epilepsy.

He gave the cause of death as epilepsy. Deputy coroner Mark Williams recorded a verdict of natural causes.