Ex-employee jailed for revenge attack on trio


A Nelson man who assaulted three former work colleagues in a revenge attack before intimidating them at court has been jailed for eight months.

Burnley Crown Court heard Razwan Khan (32), of Hildrop Road, had assaulted three ex-colleagues at the Enterprise Car Rental Shop in September when he had originally gone to sort a speeding fine he had accumulated while working there.

Khan was dismissed from his position after hitting Abdul Rehman in July last year for which he received a fine at the magistrates’ court, but was on bail for that offence when the assaults took place.

Ms Martine Snowdon (prosecuting) told the court Khan had gone to the office and Iqbal Patel and Adam McGuinness were there.

The court was told Mr Patel was punched first and Khan said to him “You’ve gone to the police, you’re going to court” before Mr McGuinness was struck and Mr Patel phoned the police.

Mr Rehman then entered the building and the court heard Khan asked him whether he was going to court. Mr Rehman said he was and Khan assaulted him.

Khan pleaded guilty to the assaults in October but denied the revenge. However, he entered guilty pleas on the day of trial in February, but made threats to the three witnesses, the court was told.

Ms Snowdon told the court Khan had approached the men and said “this isn’t the end of it. I won’t let go.”

The three men were then downstairs when Khan approached again and said he was “not going to let it go” before pushing past in an aggressive and intimidating manner. This was overheard by a barrister.

Mr Joe Boyd (defending) said Khan “deeply regretted his hot headedness” with the initial offences. He went on to say “something snapped” at court and Khan didn’t think when he carried out his threats.

Mr Boyd said tension caused Khan to go “over the top” on that occasion but he had pleaded guilty to that at the first opportunity.

Mr Boyd added Khan “losing his job had caused these flashpoints” and that he had “very much learned his lesson.

The barrister said Khan was expecting his first child with his wife and had the offer of a job working as a taxi operator for his brother.