Ex Glasgow gangland enforcer accused of riding stables attack


A former Glasgow gangland enforcer allegedly brought his own style of negotiation to a Ribble Valley stables where he had horses.

Blackburn magistrates heard Frank Carberry approached a retired police inspector who was charged with looking after the property and hit him three times with his walking stick.

He then tried to grab Martin Sutton by the testicles before producing a craft knife which he brandished towards the other man with a slashing motion.

And the court was told that while that was going on Carberry’s daughter, Nekole Carberry, had hit another member of staff across the head with a chain and was having to be forcibly restrained.

Carberry (54), of Errol gardens, Glasgow, and Nekole Carberry (27), of Wallace gate, Bishopriggs, Glasgow, both denied assaulting Peter Nolan and Stephen Orrell. Frank Carberry also denied assaulting Martin Sutton.

Stephanie Varle (prosecuting) said the incidents took place at the Riding School, Stables Cottage, Gisburn Park, on October 1st. A debt of £82,000 had been run up by the tenants, Panama Sports Horses, and Mr Sutton’s legal investigations company had been brought in to handle the situation on behalf of Gisburn Park estates, the owners.

The court heard a threat that the “Glasgow Mafia” were going to come and sort things out had been made.

Mr Sutton, a former detective inspector, was at the house for a meeting with his client when he heard two screams from the front of the property. He went to investigate and was immediately confronted by Frank Carberry who hit him three times with his wooden walking stick.

“He simply said his horses were in there and started hitting me,” said Mr Sutton. “I had never met him before and didn’t know who he was. Several people had already removed their horses without any problems and he could have done the same.”

Mr Sutton said he saw Peter Nolan, who was installing CCTV at the property, with blood pouring from his head, holding Nekole Carberry down by her hair. She still had a chain in her hand and was trying to hit him.

Christian Kavanagh, defending Frank Carberry, suggested his client was simply trying to protect his pregnant daughter who was being held downr.

“That is not true,” said Mr Sutton. “This was a pre-meditated, vicious attack by this man and his daughter. They knew what they wanted to do and they came to do it.”