Fears over Nelson subway safety

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PENDLE MP Andrew Stephenson has welcomed the way in which local agencies have worked together to help make people feel safer when walking to Nelson and Colne College.

He was contacted by a resident who was apprehensive about the walk between Nelson and the college via the underpass to the motorway.

Concerned that pedestrians feel vulnerable when hidden by overgrown bushes, and along what feels a quiet, isolated subway towards the college, the MP was pleased to hear about partnership working between the police, Lancashire County and Pendle Borough Councils, the local Community Safety Partnership and college on this issue.

The bushes that have grown up to hide pedestrians from passing traffic have been cut back, as they were a year or so ago. CCTV cameras were installed at the underpass two years ago, and the whole route is under constant surveillance from these cameras to reassure pedestrians and deter would-be offenders.

The pedestrian route was designed to ensure people had a safe way to walk avoiding the busy motorway intersections. If a street light fails here, as anywhere in Pendle, the county council asks the public to alert them immediately to the problem, by ringing 0845 053 0011.

Pendle Council’s Community Safety Partnership Officer has made available a personal alarm to the constituent contacting Mr Stephenson, and has undertaken to liaise with college staff, to remind new and returning students the CCTV is checking all activity in the area.

Mr Stephenson said: “It has been really encouraging to see the relevant agencies working so closely together to help people feel safer on this route to and from college. All that can be done appears to be in place, and what we are left with is a perception of being unsafe.

“Perhaps people taking this route can get in touch with friends they know well, and offer to walk together, too? I will be keeping in touch with the agencies to make sure we continue to have no incidents in this area”.