Fine for Barnoldswick man whose dog fouled in park

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A Barnoldswick man who allowed his dog to foul in a pubic park has been ordered to pay £185.

The case of Alex Birkett was heard in Reedley Magistrates’ Court. Mr Birkett did not attend court and the case was proved in his absence. He was fined £100, and also ordered to pay £70 costs and a £15 victim surcharge although the chairman of the Bench noted they had wanted to fine Birkett more than the level of the fixed penalty.

Birkett (21), of Brogden Street, Barnolswick, allowed his dog to foul in Victory Park in January. A Park Ranger approached Birkett and took this name and address and he was later issued with a fixed penalty notice for dog fouling, which carries a fine of £75. He chose not to pay within 14 daysand was taken to court.

Coun. James Starkie, who speaks up on dog fouling issues in Pendle, said: “I’m grateful to this Park Ranger for her willingness to report the offence to the Environmmental Crime Team which has brought about this prosecution.

“Alex Birkett falls into that minority of people who shirk their responsibility when it comes to clearing up after their dogs. It’s a shame people can’t just do the decent thing and pick it up. Perhaps this fine, coupled with the court costs, will make him think twice about allowing his dog to foul in future.”

To report anyone you see allowing their dog to foul in Pendle, call the council on (01282) 661743 or complete an online form at