Football-related arrests on the rise

British Transport Police
British Transport Police
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Football-related arrests made by the British Transport Police has risen for the fourth year running.

Football ticket sales site,, has considered the issue of hooliganism on British Rails by analysing data from the Home Office and a Freedom of Information request, released by the BTP, about football-related arrests in 2016.

There were some interesting discoveries:

* For the 2015-2016 season, West Ham had the most reported incidents of all Premier League clubs

* 22% of all football-arrests are made by the British Transport Police

* 60% of these are due to public disorder

* 20% of these arrests are made during Premier League matches.

* There was an increase of 36 incidents of ‘violent disorder’ last year.

* Burnley fans were involved in 4% of the incidents

On this matter, the British Transport Police stated the following, “We adopt a proactive approach to football policing, with officers escorting trains before and after matches and patrolling stations where large numbers of fans are expected.”