Gang tries to lure girl (16) into car in Reedley

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A teenage girl was left terrified after a group of men tried to lure her into their cars as she waited at a bus stop and threatened her when she refused.

The 16-year-old was waiting for a bus in Colne Road, Reedley, around 7pm on Saturday when a car carrying a group of men pulled up. They offered the teenager a lift but when she refused they became abusive and shouted at her to get into the car. The group eventually drove off but, minutes later, a second car arrived. The driver also threatened the girl and shouted at her to get into the vehicle. Police were called to the scene immediately after the incident and set up patrols in the area. The girl’s mum has since taken to Facebook to warn parents and teenagers and her status has been shared nearly 2,000 times.

The men police are looking for are of Asian heritage, aged in their 20s.

The first car was a new looking white car of an “executive saloon” type. It contained five or six men, aged between 20 and 25. The driver had very short dark hair, closely trimmed facial hair and a round face.

The second vehicle was an older silver coloured medium sized hatchback, of a Volkswagen Golf size and style. The driver is in his early 20s and skinny.

Sgt Matt Henderson, from Nelson Police, said: “This girl was left extremely frightened and intimidated by these unwarranted and wholly inappropriate advances. She has been brave in reporting this incident. I would encourage any females in similar circumstances, who may be subjected to this type of behaviour, to report it to us at the time. We are supporting the young girl and her family and have been in regular contact with them. We take incidents of this nature very seriously and will investigate as we do any crimes or inappropriate sexual advances or behaviour.”

Anyone with information should call police on 101.