Help for Nelson alcoholic who attacked three people

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An alcoholic who assaulted his girlfriend, a police officer and a detention officer in one prolonged outburst has been given help with his addiction.

Liam Ricky O’Callaghan had been seen dragging his partner, mother-of-three Debra Dickinson, into their house. He told police: “If you come in, I will kill her,” officers kicked the door in and he swung a punch at PC Andrew Marston, but missed, Pennine magistrates heard.

O’Callaghan turned to walk back into the house, was parva sprayed, but it missed him and he ended up being tasered. He was taken into custody and while there pushed civilian officer Patricia Lightbown away when she went to get him out of his cell to see the nurse.

The defendant, said to have drinking sessions lasting for days, with sober weeks in between, admitted assault by beating, police assault and assaulting a designated person on May 7th. He was given 90 days in prison, suspended for a year, with 12 months supervision and six months alcohol treatment. The Bench chairman told O’Callaghan (23), of Brentwood Road, Nelson: “This is your chance to sort yourself out. Get your act together.”

Mrs Parveen Akhtar (prosecuting) said Ms Dickinson did not make a statement. Police found her crying and shaking. She had suffered bruising and scrapes.

Mr Lee Hammond (defending O’Callaghan) said he and Ms Dickinson continued to live together and the incident appeared to be a one-off. The pair had had a row and both had been grappling with each other’s clothes.

The defendant had been left with a cut on his back when he hit the floor after being tasered. At the police station, they arranged for the nurse to see him and that was when he assaulted the detention officer.

Mr Hammond said O’Callaghan had a history of offending, but no record for domestic offences. He had been to custody, did not enjoy it and Ms Dickinson did not want him to be locked up. The solicitor added: “Despite this blip in their relationship, they want to go from strength to strength.”