Kelbrook pet owner contests ‘dangerous’ dog order

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Pendle Council’s application for an order under the Dogs Act 1871 on a Kelbrook canine is to be contested in June.

Ms Naomi Cumisky appeared in court on Thursday, April 4th as the respondent to Pendle Council’s application for the order following alleged incidents involving her Labrador cross dog, Molly, in Kelbrook in September 2012 and February this year.

Philip Mousdale, Director (Services) and Deputy Chief Executive, at Pendle Council said: “This application is to be defended by Ms Cumisky at a full day’s contested hearing on 6th June, although this date may change. The defendant and the council will each be calling witnesses.

“At the hearing, the court will have to decide whether or not the dog is dangerous and not kept under proper control.

“If it decides that it is dangerous, then it may order that the dog should either be destroyed or its owner ordered to keep it under proper control.”