Knife-wielding Colne drunk could now be facing jail

Burnley Crown Court.
Burnley Crown Court.
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A drunken man who was waving a knife around outside a Colne pub claimed he thought it was his mobile phone, a court heard.

Nicholas Fletcher (25) held the blade at chest height, scaring a woman who saw him, at the Union Exchange on June 12th.

Bouncers, who had been alerted by the woman shouting “he’s got a knife” flagged down a police officer, who found a Stanley knife on the defendant.

Fletcher, of Oak Street, Colne, admitted being drunk and disorderly and possessing a knife blade on Market Street, Colne, and could now be facing jail.

He had earlier been committed to Burnley Crown Court for sentence after pleading guilty to possessing cannabis with intent to supply, at Colne, in November.

The defendant was also committed to the higher court for sentence on the blade and drunk and disorderly offences.

He was bailed until a hearing on August 6th and was banned from licensed premises in the borough of Pendle.

Prosecutor Mr Andrew Robinson told the court the defendant had been asked to leave the Union Exchange as he was drunk. He became increasingly unruly outside and was asked to leave the area.

The woman then spotted he had the blade and a doorman saw Fletcher waving it in front of him at chest height. The defendant then put the knife back in his pocket and when the officer was flagged down, Fletcher was struggling to stand up.

Mrs Joanne Haseldon, for Fletcher, said he has been waiting at the front door of the pub for his friend to pick him up.

His phone started ringing and Fletcher reached into his pocket, pulled out the knife instead, but didn’t realise.

Mrs Haseldon continued: “He accepts holding it in front of him. When he realised it was not his phone he put it back in his pocket again. He accepts this lady was scared seeing him with the knife. He hasn’t been brandishing it at people or threatening people with it. He hasn’t used it to cause fear. He simply pulled it out, mistakenly thinking it was his phone.”