MEP backs fathers’ rights Bill

Paul Nuttall, UK Independence Party North West MEP.
Paul Nuttall, UK Independence Party North West MEP.

Local MEP Paul Nuttall is backing a campaign for improved custody rights for fathers.

Brian Binley MP has tabled a Private Member’s Bill – “The Shared Parenting Orders Bill” – and Mr Nuttall, whose North West constituency includes Ribble Valley, has written to him expressing his support.

“This was drawn to my attention by a constituent who is studying law to become a family lawyer and who is incensed that more than 90% of all cases heard in the Family Court result in the mother being granted custody,” said UK Independence Party MEP Mr Nuttall.

“As he points out, this is a disgrace as there are many fathers that are equally as good parents, if not better.

“I understand that when a father seeks advice from a solicitor, he is automatically told the chances of him gaining custody is minimal. Equality laws in this country have gone over the top in so many ways and yet here it seems to be a very unequal playing field.

“I am happy to support Mr Binley, Conservative MP for Northampton South, with his Bill and hope he is successful,” he added.

The purpose of the Bill is to make it easier for both parents to stay in a child’s life following separation or divorce.