‘Mindless vandals’ strike at Foulridge Cricket Club

“Mindless vandals” recklessly drove through Foulridge Cricket Club’s square over the weekend .

The incident is believed to have happened overnight on Sunday, after offenders gained access to the Skipton Old Road grounds.

Damaged caused by vandals as they drove around Foulridge cricket ground.

Damaged caused by vandals as they drove around Foulridge cricket ground.

According to club chairman Michael Gildea, who visited the site on Monday, the pitch was left covered in tyre tracks and skid marks. He added that this is not the first time that “hooligans” have struck in the village.

He said: “We put the hours in, and it is going to cost us yet another load of hours and money.

“It costs us enough to play cricket without people digging the grounds up.

“Fortunately it is the end of the season. And it will mend.”

Local resident Michael Lawson (63) saw the state the cricket grounds had been left in while he was out walking on Monday morning.

He said: “They have driven all over the cricket field and made a right mess of it. They are mindless vandals.

“People that run the club keep it in fantastic condition, and put in hours and hours of unpaid work.

“To see what work they put in, and then to see this – it’s heartbreaking.”

Following the incident, Coun. Graham Waugh said he will be raising various options to Foulridge Parish Council to help prevent such “mindless vandalism” from happening again.

This will include erecting fencing around the site, and putting a padlock on the club’s gate.

He added: “If anyone has any information then we would very much like to hear from them.”