Mum-of-two could face jail after attacking paramedic and policewoman

Burnley Magistrates' Court
Burnley Magistrates' Court
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An "alcoholic" Colne mother-of-two attacked a paramedic and a policewoman when they went to her home after reports she had taken an overdose, a court heard.

Burnley magistrates were told Gayle Taylor (38) at first barricaded herself in, refused to put her dog in a separate room and was abusive.

She was put in a wheelchair to get her out of the property, pushed the officer twice and kicked her leg and then delivered a harder kick to paramedic Andrea Cooper, who had suffered a broken leg two years earlier and had had metal pins put in.

Taylor, who has seven previous offences of assault on her record, between 2013 and 2015, had had an "absolutely catastrophic" cocktail of prescribed pills and alcohol before the outburst on December 5th.

She had suffered a "trauma to her brain" six years ago, later broke her neck in a riding accident and was said to be on a raft of medication.

The defendant could now be facing jail, after admitting assault by beating and police assault. Taylor, of St Stephens Way, was bailed until January 12th, for an all-options pre-sentence report.

Prosecutor Mr Andrew Robinson told the court: "The defendant is described as extremely drunk and very abusive to the paramedics and police who were trying to deal with her. In interview, she was fairly frank and said she had had vodka with some medication and it doesn't mix well.

"She accepts she was violent. She said she was emotionally stressed at the time the incident took place and it was out of character. She was apologetic."

Mr Stuart Kaufman (defending) said Taylor had been "very badly injured by her ex-husband" in about 2009/2010, when he pushed her head through and into security glass.

He continued: "This is something from which she has never recovered. She has dystonia, involuntary movement of her limbs. She also broke her leg and neck in a riding accident a couple of years ago. As a result of these things, she has a raft of medication and has to have Botox injections to her neck to alleviate the pain."

The solicitor said the defendant lost care of her children through a court case, had since become an alcoholic and had been in rehab. Her child's birthday had been the day after the incident and her ex-husband had disappeared.

Mr Kaufman continued: "All she knew is that he had taken the children somewhere. She didn't know where they were. This violent fellow has got the children, despite his background of domestic violence."

The defendant had had a drink, but shouldn't have been taking alcohol at all. Mr Kaufman went on: "Mixing vodka with this medication is absolutely catastrophic."

The solicitor told the hearing: "She has behaved in a way about which she was remorseful afterwards, but she can't remember anything about the incident at all. Obviously, she took an overdose. There are serious medical problems. There are serious social problems."