Nelson ‘bully’ dad behind bars after terror incident

Lee Nolan
Lee Nolan

A “BULLY” who terrorised his ex-partner and her mother a second time is behind bars for 20 months.

Lee Nolan had turned up at Deanna Parkinson’s home and caused trouble while his five-month-old son was in the room. The child started crying. Nolan, said by the victim to have looked “evil” after he burst into the property, damaging the front door, had smashed a double-glazed unit at the back, showering the infant’s cot with glass. Nolan had been given a suspended jail term in July and struck two months later, Burnley Crown Court was told.

The defendant, who Judge Beverly Lunt had slammed as a “bully” when she sentenced him in July, had admitted affray, theft and breaching the suspended term after the latest outburst. Nolan (24) from Branch Street, Nelson, was given 12 months behind bars and the judge activated 32 weeks of the suspended term.

Miss Judith McCullough (prosecuting) said the victim would say her three-year relationship with Nolan had been violent and he had been convicted twice.

On September 24th, at 7-30pm, Ms Parkinson was at her home with her mother and the baby when the defendant knocked on the door, wanting to talk to her. He should not have been there, she locked the door and he banged on it for 15 minutes. The victim told him she had called the police and Nolan said: “I don’t care. I have got 15 minutes until they come anyway.” Officers arrived, he had left and after police also left, there was a knock on the door. Neither women went to the door, but heard glass smashing at the back of the house.

Miss McCullough said there was further banging at the door and Ms Parkinson, who thought Nolan had turned up to take their child, tried to protect the infant. Nolan burst into the house, Ms Parkinson backed into the living room and her mother was kneeling over the baby. The defendant then told her: “You don’t listen to me”, pushed her and she fell over the coffee table. Nolan went towards her mother and snatched her mobile phone, Ms Parkinson pushed him, the baby was crying and Nolan was begging the victim to leave the house with him. The defendant left the property, re-entered and picked the baby up as Ms Parkinson’s mother tried to stop him. The defendant then grabbed her handbag, took her purse, threw it on the floor and ran away.

The prosecutor said Nolan was arrested and taken to the police station. He was interviewed and said he had blacked out and could not remember much. The hearing was told he had been given a 38-week suspended jail term on July 27th after threatening to torch the women’s home and kill them.

Mr Richard Taylor, for Nolan, said: “It was a very unpleasant incident and he accepts that. Thankfully, nobody was injured.”

Sentencing, Judge Lunt told the defendant he had blown his chance. He had used terrifying violence and terrifying threats, it was the same victim and it was all while his child had been present. One can only pray because he is so young he can have no memory of it.”