Nelson man jailed for attacking partner

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A Nelson man assaulted his partner after turning up at her house drunk, a court was told.

Blackburn magistrates heard the victim, who had been assaulted by him on a previous occasion, called the police before he actually hit her and they were able to arrest him close to her home.

And as he was being lead away in handcuffs, Tadas Montvila shouted at Donate Motieciute: “I’ll kill you, you bitch.”

Montvila (29), of Napier Street, pleaded guilty to assault.

He was sentenced to 70 days in prison and made subject to a restraining order for 12 months.

Miss Catherine Allan (prosecuting) said Montvila had a previous conviction for assaulting Miss Motieciute.

She was aware how violent he could be when he was in drink.

He turned up at her house shouting and swearing and she called the police.

“She describes him as a very large man who puts her in fear,” Miss Allan told the court.

“When he turned up drunk, she called the police, but before they arrived, he pushed her in the chest and slapped her across the face.”