Nelson man’s curfew for attacking his ex at party

Burnley Magistrates Court
Burnley Magistrates Court
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A MAN who punched his ex-girlfriend in the head after she had kicked him out of a Burnley house party, has been hit with a curfew.

Keith Thorpe was said to have punched his former partner six times in the back of the head as she tried to throw him out of her home, Pennine magistrates heard.

The defendant (30), of Southfield Square, Nelson, pleaded guilty to the assault and admitted punching the glass out of her front door and causing £100 in damage.

The court was told the pair had had an argument in Thompson Park earlier in the day on February 28th which ended with Thorpe demanding the return of new trainers he had bought for her.

His ex-partner took the shoes off, threw them in his direction but they fell in a pond in the park.

Later the defendant went to his ex-partner’s address to return the trainers before leaving.

He came back at 7pm and was invited in but, after 20 minutes, was said to be drunk and was told to leave.

He protested about being ejected when other people were allowed to stay at which point his former girlfriend ushered him towards the door.

The court was told he pulled her outside and, when she fell to the floor, he punched her in the head. The victim said she was punched six times in the back of the head before she got to her feet, ran inside and locked the door. The defendant then had an argument with another woman before smashing a glass panel on the door.

Mr Mark Williams (defending) said the pair had been in a relationship which ended in November when the victim inexplicably left town.

He told the court when she returned, the pair made contact again and the defendant was led to believe the relationship could be rekindled.

“He was giving her money and bought her trainers believing it was leading back to a relationship.

“It would appear he was led down the garden path.”

Mr Williams said his client, who was of previous good character, said she had been “off with him” on the day they fell out.

He admitted he had struck his ex-partner only once and had smashed the glass panel.

Magistrates sentenced him to a three-week curfew, from 9pm to 7am seven days a week. He was ordered to pay £150 compensation and a £60 victim surcharge. He was given a 12-month restraining order.