Nelson man sold drugs in Kinder egg shells

A drug dealer who sold cannabis in Kinder egg shells was jailed for 40 months when he appeared at Burnley Crown Court.

Nasar Hussain (24), of Roberts Street, Nelson, was spotted selling one off his packages in a Nelson back street on May 9th.

He had three eggs with a one gram and two half-gram deals and £75. When police searched his home they found Kinder eggs smelling of cannabis under his bed.

Five days later he resisted arrest when he was again stopped in the street. He had £70 on him from a deal.

The court was told Hussain’s phone record showed arrangements for transactions and that police found drugs worth £185 in an outhouse at his home. There were six packets of cocaine and 49 Kinder-sized deals.

Mr David Macro (prosecuting) said Hussain had already been to jail for an earlier offence of supplying cannabis.

Mr Andrew Marrs (defending) said Hussain’s drug dealing was relatively minor, with a total of only £205.

“He was selling in small deals,” said Mr Marrs. “For the cost of a cup of coffee in Starbucks or an alcoholic drink. Evidence from Hussain’s phones implies that he was selling to no more than half-a-dozen other users. He should have learned his lesson from before, but sadly he didn’t. He got involved primarily because he is an addict himself and needed to feed his addiction.”