Nelson man used social fund loan to buy cannabis

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Shortly after being released from a prison sentence, a 19-year-old Nelson man obtained a social fund loan – and spent it on a bulk purchase of cannabis.

Magistrates at the court in Blackburn where he appeared heard that police who went to an address because of concerns over the welfare of two young girls then discovered some 22 individual wraps of the drug.

Uzair Ellahi, of Charles Street, Nelson, pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis.

He was made subject to community supervision for 12 months by the court and also ordered to do 80 hours unpaid work and pay £145 costs.

Catherine Allan (prosecuting) said the officers who went to investigate concerns over the safety of the young females immediately smelled cannabis.

A sniffer dog discovered 22 individual wraps of cannabis.

“He said he bagged it that way to limit his daily usage,” Miss Allan told the magistrates.

Nick Dearing (defending) said Ellahis had made a bulk purchase of cannabis using his social fund loan to save money. “He is at a stage in his life where he has to decide whether he is going to waste his life or turn it around.”