Nelson mum-of-six threw ‘brick’ at ex-boyfriend

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A MOTHER-of-six threw a brick at her former boyfriend and gashed his forehead the day after they split up, a court heard.

Pennine magistrates were told Kathryn Foley and victim Jason Rigby had been chasing each other around a car before she hurled the missile at him, leaving him with blood running down his face.

Foley was said to have been stressed and extremely upset about family court proceedings over three of her children.

The defendant (37), of Arthur Street, Nelson, admitted assault by beating. She was given a six-month community order and must pay £100 compensation and £85 costs.

Mr Andrew Robinson (prosecuting) said Mr Rigby was at a house when the defendant turned up at 10 a.m. She was let in, he did not want to talk to her and she began to get angry with him and hurled a dustpan at him.

The pair ended up outside and Foley started to try to hit and slap the victim. He could not run very fast as he had a bad ankle, but she chased him round a parked car, picked up a large stone and threw it at him. Police were called, Foley was questioned and said she threw the brick when Mr Rigby had started chasing her.

Mr Lee Hammond (for Foley) said it was not a brick, but a small stone and Mr Rigby suffered a small cut. Foley had no relevant previous convictions.