Nelson schoolboy attacked teacher three times

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AN unruly Nelson schoolboy who attacked his teacher for a third time has been given a rehabilitation order.

Burnley Youth Court was told how the 15-year-old kicked the teacher as a group adults tried to get the boy to go into detention. The teenager, who cannot be named for legal reasons, has already got a conviction and a warning for assaulting the victim at his school.

The youth admitted assault by beating. He was given a six-month youth rehabilitation order, with supervision and must pay £50 compensation.

Mrs Alex Mann (prosecuting) said, in November 2010, the defendant was warned by the school for attacking the teacher. In March last year, he was prosecuted for assaulting him and had to pay £100 compensation.

The defendant did not want to go into a room for detention, was kicking out and several staff members were trying to help. The teacher was nearby, but was not involved. The deputy head tried to get the boy to go into detention, but he refused.

The court was told the teenager had already apologised to the victim and there had been no further trouble.

Miss Catherine Fell, for the 15-year-old, said at the time he and the teacher did not have a good relationship. The school had agreed to keep them separate so they would not come into contact with each other.

The defendant did not think he had done anything to warrant detention and accepted he was aggressive to the other teachers, who were trying to calm him down. The teacher went over, was on the periphery and should not have got involved. That made the 15-year-old more and more angry and he kicked out.

Miss Fell said at the moment the teenager was not attending school as he was being bullied by an older pupil. The solicitor added: “He appreciates he has trouble controlling his anger.”

Sentencing, the Bench told the defendant other children would have been alarmed by what went on.