Nelson teen accused of raping girlfriend


A TEENAGER is facing allegations of rape after he is said to have forced his then girlfriend to have sex, beating her up if she ever said she did not want his attentions.

Mikael Hussain lived in Wickcliffe Street, Nelson, at the time and now lives in Bradford.

The offences are all said to have happened in his locked attic bedroom.

On one alleged occasion, he spread-eagled her on the mattress and tied her arms and legs to the bed with cable ties, the court was told.

Hussain (18) denies the sex charge and an allegation of causing actually bodily harm to the girl.

His victim gave evidence via a video link at Burnley Crown Court. She said the pair met casually and became friends through Facebook.

After they started going out he became controlling, first slapping her and later punching her if he did not approve of anything she did.

She met him three or four times a week, usually outside a mosque, and they went to his house. She said she trusted him but he beat her up and took her phone away.

She was scared and did not tell anyone what was happening. She did not make a noise or cry out as she was frightened and did not want to be beaten up.

Hussain was questioned three times after being arrested, and maintained his innocence from the start.

DC Melissa Chadwick told the court he denied both rape and assault.

Both attended the same college and he had been suspended after she claimed he had stolen her phone and assaulted her.

He said he received an apology from college after the girl retracted her complaint.

He maintained he had not seen the girl on the day he was supposed to have hit her.

Hussain said he had not made any threats to the girl’s family or friends, and he was not controlling. Both did what they wanted and saw who they wanted.

When she had threatened and called him names such as “Paki-wannabe” he had retaliated, calling her names but had never been violent.

He said after one argument between them he had been taken up to the tops of Nelson in a car and beaten up by the girl’s sister’s boyfriend and other men.