Nelson teen faces jail for terror attack in woman’s home

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A TEENAGER who broke into a woman’s home at midnight and attacked her, her new partner and another man, could end up behind bars.

Wade Hubbard and an accomplice left the victims injured after the violence in Nelson on July 25th. One of them, Stephen Woods, was left with a footprint on his head, a burst lip, bruises and a loose front tooth, Pennine Magistrates’ Court heard.

The hearing was told how the woman whose home was invaded, Emily Roberts, was the ex-partner of the defendant’s associate who burst in, shouting: “You have been sleeping with Emily” and started throwing punches at Mr Woods.

Earlier in the year, Hubbard and his accomplice had appeared at Burnley Crown Court and were sentenced for assault causing actual bodily harm on another victim.

Hubbard was committed to the higher court for sentence for the latest offences and was bailed until Monday. The defendant (18), of Chapel House Road, Nelson, had admitted three counts of assault by beating and one of damage.

District Judge Peter Ward told Hubbard that whatever the reasons behind the offences, the incident was a very serious matter and the defendant had had no right to be in the property or assaulting people. He said: “People ought to be able to feel safe at least in their own homes.”

The district judge added: “In light of the breach and in light of these offences, the court must be looking at a custodial sentence.”

Mr David Lawson, for Hubbard, said he and his associate had been under the influence of drink and both were involved in the attacks.

The defendant had had a number of problems throughout his adolescence. He had had behavioural difficulties and suffered ADHD. He had now enrolled on an engineering course at college.