Nelson teen locked up for drink-fuelled attack with broken vase

Uzair Ellahi
Uzair Ellahi

A TEENAGER who attacked his girlfriend’s parents, leaving her father needing 42 stitches has been locked up for a year.

Burnley Crown Court heard how Uzair Ellahi set about Ian Glover with a broken glass vase in front of the victims’ hysterical daughter, slicing through his ear and slashing his scalp and forearm. Sharon Martin was kicked and punched and ended up with a black eye and bruises.

The hearing was told the injuries to Mr Glover, who was unconscious for a time, could have been fatal. Ellahi, from Nelson, and said to have four very successful sisters, had been drinking and could remember little about what he had done.

The defendant, more recently living in Burnley Road, Blackburn, admitted wounding and common assault. He has two previous convictions for violence. Sentencing, Judge Graham Knowles said: “This is a case where the sentence of last resort, custody, is called for.” He added if Ellahi had been an adult, he would have been facing a substantial jail term.

Mr David Bentley (prosecuting) said Mr Glover lived in Roberts Street, Nelson, and Ellahi, then going out with his daughter, was to stay at their house.

The defendant and his girlfriend were rowing over his admission he had been seeing another girl. Ms Martin and Mr Glover were drinking vodka, Ellahi kept saying Ms Martin owed him some tablets and she called police as she had had enough. Ellahi was removed.

Mr Bentley said the defendant later got back into the house, was drunk and asking for pills and drink. He got more aggressive, squared up to Sharon Martin and hit her in the face. The defendant was said to have pushed Ms Martin into the window, knocking a vase from the ledge. Ms Martin fell to the floor and Ellahi kicked out at her.

Mr Glover asked Ellahi what he was doing and the defendant picked up a piece of the smashed vase and thrust it at his face. He fell back unconscious, Ms Martin was trying to stop Ellahi but Mr Glover was hit on the top of his head. The defendant then punched Ms Martin in the eye and, as Mr Glover was on his hands and knees, Ellahi hit his head with the glass. The victim was trying to protect himself, put his arms up and his elbow was also gashed.

The prosecutor said the victims’ daughter was hysterical, police were called and officers found blood splattered on the walls, door, sofa and . carpet. Ellahi was in the kitchen, in his boxer shorts. His jacket was in the washing machine. He was cautioned and claimed: “He came at me. It was self defence. I don’t see what’s wrong.”

He was taken to the police station and Mr Glover went to hospital, where he had 23 stitches in his ear, nine in his head and 10 in his arm. Sharon Martin also went for treatment.

Mr Martin Hackett, for Ellahi, said all parties had been drinking. The defendant had never lost his liberty before. T The barrister added: “This defendant behaved, I have to accept, quite disgracefully and very dangerously.”