Nelson woman ‘did a runner’ from taxi


A 29-year-old Nelson woman who ran up an £85 taxi fare did a “runner” after going into McDonalds through the front door and leaving through the back.

Blackburn magistrates heard the taxi driver had picked up Jolyne Sturdy in Keighley after she said her friends had left her there.

And the court heard the driver had made several calls on her behalf to try and find her friends before she abandoned him in Accrington.

Sturdy, of Chatham Street, pleaded guilty to making off without payment. She was made subject to community supervision for nine months and ordered to pay £85 compensation.

Miss Catherine Allan (prosecuting) said having been picked up in Keighley, Sturdy was taken to Barnoldswick and then on to Accrington.

“She disappeared into McDonalds and was not seen again by the driver,” she said.

Mr Nick Dearing (defending) said Sturdy was arrested shortly after trying to steal alcohol from Asda. “She was completely incoherent,” he said. “She was so drunk she just walked away from the taxi without thinking of the consequences.”