Nelson woman taken ‘prisoner’ in car

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TWO women who took a student “prisoner” in a car and sped off with her half hanging out have been spared immediate jail.

Burnley Crown Court was told how victim Sofina Parvez was left distressed, bleeding and with her clothes torn, after her terrifying ordeal at the hands of Mayvish Arshad and Sadia Arshad, both aged 21.

The hearing was told how a concerned onlooker had grabbed at Miss Parvez’s legs and tried to help her escape from the vehicle, but was unsuccessful. The victim eventually managed to flee when it stopped.

Mayvish Arshad, of Lomeshaye Road, and Sadia Arshad, of Ripon Street, both Nelson, had admitted false imprisonment last January 4th. Both received six months in prison, suspended for a year. Mayvish Arshad was also given 150 hours unpaid work and must pay £250 compensation and £250 costs. Sadia Arshad was given 100 hours unpaid work.

Miss Sarah Statham (prosecuting) said Miss Parvez had formerly been in a relationship with Mayvish Arshad’s brother, had lent him some money and wanted it back.

There had been communication between the victim and the brother and also between Miss Parvez and Mayvish Arshad. At 7-45 p.m., Miss Parvez was at home with her parents when Mayvish Arshad knocked at the door and persuaded the victim to get into her car for five minutes for a chat. Mayvish Arshad was the driver, her co-defendant appeared to be the front passenger and another woman was in the back.

Miss Statham said Miss Parvez sat behind the driver and there was a conversation about the money the victim believed she was owed. The doors were locked and the car drove off towards Colne Road, as Miss Parvez shouted “Let me go,” and “Help me please.” The car stopped briefly outside a shop and the victim managed to open the back door and tried to escape. Sadia Arshad stopped her, dragging her back in by her throat, so she was unable to breathe.

The prosecutor said Miss Parvez managed to get half of her body out of the vehicle and onlookers heard her screaming and shouting for help. The car then sped off, with its wheel spinning, scraping Miss Parvez’s knees on the ground as it went. It came to a stop nearby and the victim managed to escape. Her mobile phone was taken from her and was later found in Mayvish Arshad’s cellar.

Miss Parvez ran home, distressed, with ripped clothing and bleeding from her knees and immediately called the police. Both defendants, then call centre workers, were arrested. Neither had any previous convictions.

For Mayvish Arshad, Miss Laura Barbour said she was racked with shame and didn’t wish to bring any further shame to her new in-laws.

Mr Neil Fryman, defending Sadia Arshad, said she had been of exemplary good character and had lost her good name.

Sentencing, Judge Jonathan Gibson said: “This must have been a terrifying episode.” He added both defendants had expressed remorse. The judge told the defendants: “I am quite satisfied these offences were committed out of character and I deal with you on the basis they were unplanned.”