“Nightmare neighbour” kicked out

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AN unruly tenant whose late night parties made her neighbours’ lives a misery has been evicted from her flat.

Sarah Leonard (23) was served with an anti-social behaviour closure order by Reedley magistrates banning her from staying at the rented flat in Walton Street, Colne, for three months.

Pendle Borough Council and Lancashire Police applied for the order after receiving numerous complaints from neighbours who said they were plagued by all-night parties, fighting in the street and criminal damage.

Miss Rachel Fung (prosecuting) said: “Sarah Leonard and her associates have been the cause of some serious nuisance and disorder for 12 months.

“The police and council have tried to work with her, and it did quieten down at Christmas. However, since February neighbours have complained of loud parties, fighting in the street and criminal damage.

“Despite being warned, she’s chosen to ignore our advice. Indeed, parties have continued in the last two days.”

Neighbour Janet Hubbard told the court that youths would gather directly outside her house making her feel very intimidated.

She added: “Sarah’s upstairs flat is against my two bedrooms and at night there could be up to 20 people in there partying.

“There was a huge amount of coming and going and I have begun to feel very depressed.”

Another neighbour Matthew Gordon echoed those sentiments and said he was disturbed all times of the day and night.

The chairman of the bench, in granting the order, thanked the neighbours for helping the police and council, and said that Sarah Leonard had shown no respect for them.

He added that despite help and support she had not changed her ways.

The locks will now be changed and notices placed on the front door by police.