Parents on alert after primary school pupil approached in Nelson

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A NELSON primary school has told parents an unknown and strange person approached a pupil who was going to school.

This has brought concern to members of the public, and chairman of the Whitefield Community Forum Mr Irfan Ahmed has asked parents to be extra vigilant.

Whitefield Infant School in Howard Street, Nelson, informed parents of the incident on Tuesday through a text message system which the school uses to pass useful information to parents.

Mr Ahmed said: “I ask parents to be extra careful with their children and to not allow their children to travel to and from school by themselves.

“Another plea I make to local parents is to not allow their children to play out in Whitefield on their own and to stay alert.

“As a community, we need to ensure the children of our local area are safe and I ask anyone who has any issues or believes they might have seen something suspicious to get in contact with the police.”

Mr Ahmed added he wanted to see a much stronger police presence in Whitefield over the coming days to send a message to suspicious people who might be in the area they aren’t welcome in Whitefield.