Pendle Council issues advice to avoid postal vote fraud

Ballot box
Ballot box

PENDLE Council’s elections team has advice on how to keep your postal vote safe.

If you’ve asked to vote by post in this year’s elections, you will receive your postal vote in the next few days. Remember that voting is something you do yourself and in secret, and it should not be shared with others, even family members.

Please ensure you keep your postal vote safe by following some simple rules.

When you get your postal voting papers:

Deal with them straight away.

Don’t let anyone else handle them.

Ensure they are not left where someone else can pick them up.

When you want to vote:

Complete your ballot paper in secret, on your own.

Don’t let anyone else vote for you.

Don’t let anyone else see your vote.

Don’t give your ballot paper to anyone else.

Put the ballot paper in the correct envelope (marked A) and seal it yourself.

Put envelope A and postal voting statement in the outer envelope (marked B).

Complete the postal voting statement, making sure you sign it and enter your date of birth correctly. If you don’t, we can’t count your vote.

When you return your postal vote:

Where possible, take it to the post box yourself.

If you can’t do that, give it to somebody you know and trust to post it for you.

Unless it is absolutely necessary, don’t hand it to a candidate or party worker.

Don’t leave it where someone else can pick it up.

Gillian Hartley, Elections Manager, said: “Remember this is your vote and you must keep it to yourself.

“If anyone tries to help you against your will, or force you to give them your postal vote, you should contact us.

“If you haven’t had your postal voting papers by April 27th, or have any other queries, ring us on 661662.”