Pendle rape case: Attacker faces long prison sentence

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A Laneshaw Bridge rapist who targeted one girl and sexually abused another has been locked up and is facing a long stretch behind bars.

Burnley Crown Court had heard how Kenneth Houston told the rape victim it was her fault and she shouldn’t have encouraged him.

She had struggled and tried to push him away as he attacked her, but he held her wrists tightly.

The hearing heard the defendant was said to have told the child: “Don’t think about telling anybody and nobody would believe a little whore like you.”

Houston, of Sheridan Road, had denied 10 charges of indecent assault against one victim and two counts of rape and two allegations of indecent assault on the second girl.

They are historical offences, which took place some time ago in the Pendle area.

The defendant was convicted of all the charges except one count of indecent assault after a trial and was remanded in custody until December 16th for a pre-sentence report, by Judge Beverley Lunt.

Amanda Johnson (prosecuting) had told the jury the indecent assault victim kept her ordeal a secret until her best friend asked what her biggest secret was. She told how she was abused and started crying.

The rape victim later married and her husband recalled an incident when he was becoming intimate with her and she suddenly began to hit out, punch, spit and swear at him.

The prosecutor continued: “When she calmed down, she told him she had been raped.”

Miss Johnson said the indecent assault victim was interviewed by police on August 7th last year and the rape victim two weeks later.

Two days before the indecent assault victim’s interview, the defendant was reported missing from home.

The police recovered a suicide note from his wife in which he stated that, as nobody believed him, he would not be around for much longer.

He was found later that day and taken to Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

The prosecutor said the defendant was questioned last September and denied the allegations.

He alleged the indecent assault victim had placed her hand between his legs and he had reprimanded her and told nobody. He claimed the rape victim was a “wayward teenager”.