Pendle speed cameras catch 700 drivers - click here for figures

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more than 700 drivers were caught speeding on Pendle’s roads in 2010 by static speed cameras.

The figures for the 12 cameras across Pendle were revealed by the Lancashire Partnership for Road Safety.

They show the largest number of drivers exceeding the speed limit were caught in Manchester Road, Nelson – 244 were caught, of whom 80 paid a fine, 65 attended a speed awareness course, 32 were summonsed and 65 had their notices cancelled. The remaining two matters are outstanding.

The figures for other cameras in Pendle were:

l Burnley Road, Colne: 91 drivers caught, 36 fined, 32 on speed course, 13 summonsed, 10 cancelled.

l Higher Reedley Road, Brierfield: 78 drivers caught, 25 fined, 18 on speed course, 10 summonsed, 25 cancelled.

l Keighley Road, Laneshaw Bridge: 78 drivers caught, 31 fined, 26 on speed course, 11 summonsed, 10 cancelled.

l Carr Road, Nelson: 65 drivers caught, 24 fined, 18 on speed course, 12 summonsed, 11 cancelled.

l Barrowford Road, Higham: 54 drivers caught, 26 fined, 14 on speed course, three summonsed, 10 cancelled, one outstanding.

l Vivary Way, Colne: 37 drivers caught, 19 fined, 10 on speed course, four summonsed, four cancelled.

l Barkerhouse Road, Nelson: 22 drivers caught, nine fined, six on speed course, five summonsed, one cancelled, one outstanding.

l Barrowford Road, Fence: 21 drivers caught, eight fined, three on speed course, four summonsed, six cancelled.

l Scotland Road, Nelson (near Charles Street): 15 drivers caught, seven fined, three on speed course, five cancelled.

l Scotland Road, Nelson (near North Street): 15 drivers caught, two fined, two on speed course, two summonsed, nine cancelled.

l Halifax Road, Brierfield: 13 drivers caught, two fined, one on speed course, three summonsed, seven cancelled.

Assistant Chief Constable Andy Rhodes said: “Road safety cameras are intended to reduce the average speed of motorists on roads where there is evidence that speeding is an issue. It is well documented and well researched that speeding kills. We are committed to reducing the number of people killed and injured on the county’s roads and will continue to use cameras to help us achieve this.”