Pendle woman attacked police officers who stopped her jumping from bedroom window

Burnley Magistrates' Court
Burnley Magistrates' Court

Two police officers were attacked when an alcoholic went “wild” after being dragged away from her bedroom window as she threatened to jump, a court heard.

Tracey Thompson charged at Sgt Graham Walsh and PC Justin Limb, pushing both in the chest as she tried to get past them and back to the window.

The sergeant had pulled her away from danger after creeping upstairs at her house in Colne, as other officers outside had kept her talking to distract her.

Just four days later, the 50-year-old, on bail and “very drunk" caused disruption and upset sick patients in the A&E department at the Royal Blackburn Hospital, after arriving by ambulance.

She shouted and screamed, lashed out and threw herself on the floor, screaming hysterically, stopping nurses from going about their duties, Burnley magistrates were told.

Thompson attended court in a back brace, after recently fracturing her spine when drunk. She had been in hospital for 17 days - which, said her solicitor, was probably the longest she had gone without a drink in the last two years.

The defendant, who used to work with disabled children, has now assaulted emergency staff three times and has been warned she might end up behind bars if she does it again.

The court was told how police had been called to Thompson’s home at 3-22pm after reports a woman was sitting on an upstairs front bedroom window ledge.

Mrs Tracey Yates, prosecuting, said: "She was swinging her legs, drinking a large glass of wine and making threats to jump.” Sgt Walsh crept upstairs and across the room and dragged her from the window.

Mrs Yates continued: "Once inside, she has gone wild, screaming and shouting, throwing her arms around and lashing out.”

The prosecutor said Thompson was handcuffed after being lifted from the floor at the hospital. Mrs Yates continued: "She was removed, screaming hysterically, causing distress to sick patients."

Mr Sardar Asghar, defending, said Thompson had worked for Social Services for 27 years.

He told the court: “The question is why, since 2017, has this defendant found herself before the court in relation to 13 previous convictions?”

The solicitor continued: "It all started following the death of her father in 2017. In her grief, she resorted to alcohol and it spiralled out of control. Her offending behaviour is always after she has had a drink. She can’t remember a thing. She isn’t in control of her actions. She is terribly sorry to all the parties involved in this case. She realises the emergency workers were acting to protect her.”

Mr Asghar said 17 days without alcohol had helped to break the cycle of Thompson drinking every single day. He added: "Since being released, she has not had much alcohol at all.”

Thompson, of Burnley Road, admitted two counts of assault on an emergency worker on September 22nd and being drunk and disorderly at the hospital on September 26th.

The Bench revoked a previous conditional discharge and community order and re-sentenced. The defendant was fined £20 and was given a 12- month community order, with a 20- day rehabilitation activity requirement and a 12-month alcohol treatment requirement. She must pay each officer £20 compensation.