Police in bike crime crackdown in Nelson


Pupils at a Nelson primary school have had their bicycles marked with anti-theft ink as a deterrent to would-be thieves.

As part of a crime crackdown, police labelled 20 bikes at Walverden Primary School with a special anti-theft code.

Officers came into the Bracewell Street school in a drive to reduce thefts and applied the unique codes to help make the bike’s owner easily identifiable.

PCSO Mark Thornton said: “The event was run after school and many of the children went home to collect their bikes so they could be marked.”

Because of its success, officers are now looking into the possibility of running similar events at other schools in the Nelson area.

PCSO Thornton added: “Not only does having your bike marked help to deter thieves, it can also make your bike easier to return in the event that it is stolen.”