Police officer: 'con-woman, knickers-thief always owns up to thefts'

The defendant admitted fraud by false representation.
The defendant admitted fraud by false representation.
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A police officer who arrested a convicted thief and con-woman said he had always found her to be very honest, a court heard.

Burnley magistrates were told how the officer said he knew Stephanie Russell, she always owned up to any offence she had committed, and the latest occasion was no different.

Russell (41) had managed to get a refund for stolen underwear at Sainsbury's and had tried to use a gift card she had been given. The defendant had claimed to be hungry and said she had wanted to steal food, but did not and had pinched some knickers instead.

The defendant, of Norway House in Colne, admitted fraud by false representation at Colne on July 18th. Russell is in breach of a suspended sentence imposed at the crown court in May, as well as a conditional discharge and was committed on bail to Burnley Crown Court to be sentenced on October 30th.

Mr Mark Williams, defending, said Russell was making quite good progress on the suspended order. He added the conditional discharge still had a month to run.