Police probe arson attack on Nelson caravan


An investigation is under way after a caravan was wrecked by a blaze, and Nelson Fire Station is advising that deliberate fires like that can result in people dying.

The incident happened around 2-30am on Saturday in Cravendale Avenue, Nelson.

Watch Manager Roy Edwards from Nelson Fire Station said: “Two crews from Nelson worked for almost an hour to extinguish the caravan that was set alight on a private driveway. On arrival, the flames were already reaching the roof of the nearby house. We managed to stop the fire spreading to the house.

“Due to the time of day of this incident, if neighbours had not seen the fire, the fire would have spread into the house with the potential to cause injury to the residents.”

Mr Edwards added: “The fire was started deliberately and an investigation into who started the fire is ongoing.”

And he stressed the dangers of incidents like this. He said: “Deliberate fires can cost lives. They also put a strain on fire service resources that may be required elsewhere.

“If you suspect any deliberate fires, call Crime-stoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.”