Police use stun gun on man in knife threats fracas at Nelson home

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POLICE officers fired a high-powered stun gun at a man in Nelson after he threatened both an ambulance crew and police officers.

The incident happened at 3-30 p.m. on Monday afternoon. Officers were deployed to an address in Fir Street in response to a call from the Ambulance Service.

The ambulance crew was at the address for medical reasons, but was being threatened by a man with mental health issues.

A police spokesman said: “As officers attended, the man picked up two knives and made threats to officers outside of the house. The man was challenged but refused to comply with instructions, and a Taser was discharged effectively.

“The man was disarmed and detained by officers under Section 136 of the Mental Health Act. No other persons were hurt during the incident and the man suffered no ill-effects from the Taser.”