Social worker quit job after attack by Nelson mum


An emotional mum who attacked and injured a “social worker” left the victim so upset she quit her job, a court was told.

Fouzia Shaheen had first hit her husband, Mohammed Tariq Khan, with a shoe in a row over money. She had then waved bank statements in support worker Hellen Jones’s face after the victim arrived at the family home, as the argument was taking place, to help with Shaheen’s autistic son.

Pennine magistrates heard how the defendant had grabbed the support worker when Ms Jones tried to calm her down. She tried to push the victim around, shoved her onto the sofa and held her arms tightly. Mr Khan, who was unhurt in the violent outburst, intervened to stop the trouble.

The hearing was told Ms Jones had suffered “psychological damage” as well as soreness and reddening as a result of her ordeal and had left her job. Shaheen was probably suffering from undiagnosed depression at the time.

The defendant (42), of Hartley Street, Nelson, admitted two counts of assault by beating and possessing cannabis. She was ordered to pay £200 compensation to Ms Jones.

Mrs Rachel Cleary (defending) said she accepted grabbing the social worker by the wrists as she was becoming increasingly frustrated because of the language barrier. She felt the social worker wasn’t listening to her. The defendant would say she had hold of Ms Jones for no more than three seconds before her husband intervened.

She continued: “The defendant is extremely upset about the position she is in. She appreciates the social worker was there to help with their son, but says on this particular day she couldn’t control her emotions.”