Thefts man says thanks for a kind donation

Jack Docker
Jack Docker
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A Nelson man who had all his power tools stolen when his shed was broken in to by thieves has received a £100 donation from a mystery couple.

Disabled pensioner Jack Docker (79) claimed there was “no decency” in people any more after his shed was raided by thieves in June.

Garden tools and machinery worth £1,300 were stolen from Mr Docker’s shed at his allotment opposite his Messenger Street home leaving him heartbroken and in fear his small-scale garden furniture business faced ruin off the back off the theft.

However, a mystery couple by the name of Chris and Ray have turned up at Mr Docker’s home and handed over an envelope containing the cash.

Mr Docker said: “I didn’t open it in front of them so I took it inside. I couldn’t believe it when there was £100 inside. I wanted to cry.

“I’ve no idea what their surname is. I think they might be local because they came on foot. I just wanted to say thank you very much to them.”