Transport police launch crime blitz on region’s railways

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British Transport Police in the North West are to embark on a week-long operation to drive problematic and criminal behaviour from the rail network.

Operation Serenity will run from today to February 26thand will see all officers across the region, from Stoke to Carlisle, tackling anti-social behaviour and its effects on rail passengers and staff.

Chief Insp. Eddie Wylie said: “Anti-social behaviour in any form has a massive impact on those who travel and work on the railway.

“At best, ASB can be annoying, but at its worst it can be intimidating and can be the precursor to other crimes, including violence.

“Through our day-to-day policing and the work of the Neighbourhood Policing Teams we are already doing a lot to tackle ASB, but there is more to be done.

“The aim of Operation Serenity is to bring further calm to the railway and nip emerging problems in the bud before they have the opportunity to develop into larger issues.”

Throughout the week officers will be conducting special patrols at stations across the region and on problematic routes and services.

BTP will also be executing arrest warrants and carrying out further initiatives to combat retail theft and travel fraud.

Chief Insp Wylie added: “We have designed the operation to specifically tackle those areas which have been highlighted to us by rail staff and passengers – it is their railway and as such is only right they have a say in how it is policed.

“The impact of ASB should not be underestimated and we take a dim view of anyone whose behaviour has a negative impact on the quality of life of others.

“Operation Serenity will target these offenders and BTP will not hesitate to take action against anyone who behaves in a criminal or anti-social manner.”