Vandals target Barnoldswick church

A Barnoldswick church has been vandalised for the second time in eight months landing the diocese with a bill for hundreds.

Holy Trinity Church on Skipton Road has had three windows smashed and a retaining stone wall damaged between Monday, June 24th and Thursday, June 27th.

Mark Williams next to the damged wall at the Holy Trinity Church in Barnoldswick.

Mark Williams next to the damged wall at the Holy Trinity Church in Barnoldswick.

The flags on the top most level of the wall were ripped off and thrown down a flight of cellar steps, smashing to pieces.

Meanwhile, windows were also put through and the latest spate of vandalism has left church wardens and congregation members horrified.

Descriptions of the vandals have been passed to police and it is hoped that they will be caught and reprimanded.

In November, vandals smashed windows which originally was estimated at £200 damage but eventually cost the church well over £300 to sort out. This time the estimated damage is over £400.

Late last year, church warden Mark Williams said trouble experience at the town centre church a couple of years ago had died down but he feared the mindless vandalism “was rearing its ugly head again”. He is now lamenting his prediction.

Mr Williams said: “It’s a case of here we go again. Can people not treat the church building with a bit of respect?

“We have had fewer windows broken this time but the retaining wall at the back has had flags taken off the top, picked up, and thrown.

“I think we’re looking at a bill of over £400 because you’ve got the cost of the stone and the builder’s fees on top of that as well.

“With the glass, a glazier has to come from Bradford as that is the Diocese we are under. It all adds up.

“To some people, that might not seem a lot, but we are a cash strapped church. We have got to keep the church for everybody in the community. Where will people go for christenings, weddings and funerals?”

Pendle’s police chief, Insp. Paul Goodall, said: “We do treat vandalism extremely seriously and any incidents of damage we will investigate, especially at iconic buildings and places of worship which are the focal point of the local community.

“We do have an anti-social behaviour patrol plan and I will make sure that this spot is on that.

“If anybody has any information on who these culprits may be then please contact your local police officer Matt Lunney or Crimestoppers in confidence.”

Police can be called on 101 and the Crimestoppers number is 0800 555111.