Vicious dog on rampage in Colne

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FEARFUL residents have called on the authorities to do more after a vicious dog went on the rampage in parts of Waterside.

Residents claim the Jack Russell has attacked other dogs in the area, and worry there could be a serious incident if it is not brought under control.

Pat Howarth, a town councillor for the area, told a meeting of Pendle Council’s Colne and District Committee she had contacted the dog warden and police about the attacks but nothing had been resolved.

She said: “One dog on the street has been attacked five times, four times by the Jack Russell and once by a Springer Spaniel that should have been wearing a muzzle. It has suffered bites to its back leg and ear and the last attack was so bad its wind pipe collapsed.

“The Jack Russell runs amok on the street and is never on a lead.

“The owner needs to be told and educated about the dangers of letting its dog run loose, or the next time it attacks it could be a child who gets hurt.”

Waterside councillor Graham Roach told the committee dog attacks are a serious concern, with 20 to 30 incidents in Pendle a year.

He said: “The council seems to not want to do anything about it and police resources are very limited, but action needs to be taken urgently before someone gets seriously bitten.”

Insp. Phil Davies said he had been unaware of the incidents in Waterside but apologised for the lack of communication between the police and dog warden.

He said: “How we deal with dogs shifted in 2008. The dog warden has been telling residents to contact us but we were unaware of this.”

Coun. Joe Cooney suggested a meeting be held with councillors, the owner of the problem dog in Waterside, the dog warden and police to resolve the issue.

The committee decided that this be incorporated into the next Waterside PACT meeting on October 3rd.

Since the committee meeting, residents claim the Jack Russell has attacked another dog, pinning it to the ground but not causing any injuries.

PC Mark Blackey said he had spoken to the owner of the Jack Russell and to the other parties concerned and the owner has agreed to keep his dog on a lead at all times.