Woman claimed she was raped on night out in Burnley - court case

Burnley Crown Court.
Burnley Crown Court.

A TERRIFIED woman was raped twice on a night out in Burnley – a jury was told.

The victim claimed her attacker appeared from nowhere, took hold of her jacket sleeve and pushed her to the ground. She fell in mud and landed on her back. The woman, who is middle-aged, said the man told her to perform a sex act on him, smacked her across the face a couple of times and had intercourse with her, the town’s crown court heard

The woman, who lives in Burnley, told the hearing she had been too frightened to cry out during the ordeal. She said she was left upset, shocked and dazed. She was bruised, had a lump on her head and lost her shoes and handbag.

Defendant Reece Renton (19), of Pine Street, Burnley, denies two charges of rape last November. He claims the sex was consensual, the woman instigated it and there was no violence. His barrister said the woman had been flattered by the attention of a young man and had had a bruised ego after the “ungallant” defendant walked away after the encounter.

Tina Landale (defending) claimed the victim had begun to regret what had happened and was crying out of shame and humiliation.

The victim told the jury the rape happened near Lower Tentre. She said she had been going from pub to pub alone and had drunk wine, lager and double vodkas, but claimed she was not drunk.

Cross-examined by Miss Landale, the woman denied she had been feeling sexy or tipsy in a pub before the incident, but was in a good mood.

She said it was not true she had been repeatedly groping herself in the pub, checking herself out in a mirror, fixing her hair and preening. The woman said she did not speak to a young man playing pool or ask him to her home for a drink.

Miss Landale suggested the woman had been in Temple Street by the time the young man from the pub had caught up with her, she had beckoned him over and the pair ended up standing by a church wall. The woman denied the suggestions.

The barrister said the woman effectively invited him to engage in sexual activity, he agreed and she led him into St Mary’s Gate, where she committed a sex act on him and they had sex.

The barrister said: “I suggest this young man had not been very gallant, had not been very romantic. He just had sex with you and walked away and left you. That’s what happened, isn’t it?” The victim denied the suggestions. The barrister added: “It wasn’t true you had been raped by this person.” The woman answered: “Yes, it was.”