Woman hurt as yobs throw branch through van window in Nelson park

PC Dave Richardson with the log (S)
PC Dave Richardson with the log (S)
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POlice are asking the public for information about two criminal damage attacks that happened at Marsden Park, Nelson, one resulting in serious injuries.

They took place at 9 p.m. on Thursday, September 29th.

On the Walton Lane side of the park, a group of youths threw a large rock at a car driving past, damaging the door.

Minutes later, a 3ft. branch was thrown at the windscreen of a van driving along Marsden Hall Road, at the bottom of the park.

That caused the windscreen to crack and smashed the passenger door window, showering passenger Julie Hawke with glass, causing cuts to her arm which needed hospital treatment.

The police were responding to the first call and arrived as second victim Julie was on the phone to police.

A number of officers attended, but the youths responsible had ran off.

Julie said: “We drive up and down that road thousands of times and it’s never happened before.

“It might have been a kids’ prank, but I could have been elderly and there could have been a death – it’s mindless violence.”

PC David Richardson, community beat manager for Marsden and Southfield, said “I attended the incident and found Julie with a number of cuts to her arm, which was bleeding badly.

“It is believed a white male, aged about 16, is responsible – however, a number of youths were heard laughing and running away.

“I would urge people to come forward with information about this incident, so the persons responsible can be caught to ensure this never happens again.

“Julie could have been much more seriously injured had the branch come through the windscreen.

“I would ask parents of youths who hang around the area in the evenings to ensure they know where their children are, and what they are doing. Inquiries are ongoing to identify those responsible.”