Yobs smash bus windscreen with brick during downpour

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Police have warned somebody could have been killed after a bus windscreen was smashed by a brick during heavy rain last night (Friday)

wewSgt Kim De Curtis, of Colne and West Craven Police, said the incident took place at 8.30pm when “a large brick or similar” shattered the bus windscreen as it drove past Boundary Mill.

“It is suspectedthis is a deliberate attack on the bus rather than debris by the wind,” said Sgt De Curtis.

“I am sure the public will agree this is a highly irresponsible act and could have ended very differently. Thankfully no one was hurt but the driver was shook up.

“We appeal to people NOT TO act so irresponsibly and think of the consequences. This could have ended so differently with the worse case scenario someone being killed.”