Dave and Warner Bros team up for new TV show

Dave Fishwick filming his latest series 'What's it Worth?'
Dave Fishwick filming his latest series 'What's it Worth?'
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Burnley’s larger-than-life banker and businessman Dave Fishwick will reappear on the nation’s television screens this Monday in his latest series – produced by US giant Warner Brothers.

The Bank of Dave entrepreneur, who has made several award-winning television documentaries in recent years, will star in “The Shopper’s Guide to Saving Money” in the primetime slot of 8-30pm on Channel Four.

Teaming up with investigative reporter Kate Quilton, the four episode series will see the pair travel the globe in search of why everyday products cost what they do, and how the consumer can get a better deal.

Dave, who has taken on the big banks and pay day lenders in previous programmes, said: “I only make television that I think will help ordinary people.

“I’m still a bloke from Burnley who sells buses, but I’m not afraid to ask the tough questions.

“In this show, Kate and I travel all over to investigate why products cost what they do.

I’m still a bloke from Burnley who sells buses, but I’m not afraid to ask the tough questions.

Dave Fishwick

“For instance, I travel to the gas fields in the North Pole. Filming this was a real eye-opener for me. I realised, for instance, the huge cost and complex technology needed in pumping gas safely to our country.

“I still believe we pay too much for a lot of products in our country. We filmed a lot of scenes in Burnley, which was brilliant because I always want to get my town on the map.

“This show will be broadcast around the world so it’s great that Burnley is getting this kind of exposure.”

The show also gains access to big corporations and industry insiders to explore how much things really cost to make, giving viewers tips on the best way to get the best deal on everything from pets to printer ink, jeans, airline tickets, diamonds, perfume, gas bills and even funerals.

In the first episode, the price-busting duo investigate the true cost of owning man’s best friend, and uncover the surprising world of printer ink cartridges.

The show also reveals how much cash we waste by leaving gadgets on standby and why printer ink can cost ten times as much as vintage Champagne.

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