Disabled woman’s Pendle Hill trip

Some of the team who are arranging a trip up Pendle Hill this summer for disbaled Lynne Drinkwater (centre).'Photo Ben Parsons
Some of the team who are arranging a trip up Pendle Hill this summer for disbaled Lynne Drinkwater (centre).'Photo Ben Parsons

LOTS of Pendle Hill fans have decided to help Lynn Drinkwater get up Pendle Hill – despite the fact that she is now disabled and can’t walk any more.

And as a result, the event is going to raise lots of cash for charities. Lynne is a bit nervous about the trip but excited at being able to get up a hill she’s not been on for years.

The campaign has been named called “We’re Taking Lynne Drinkwater up t’Hill Somehow” and it will take place on Sunday, May 19th, from 10am

Organiser Jan Raven explained that a group of Pendle Hill climbers got together and came up with the idea after Lynne said she’s like to be up the hill.

Jan said: “I go up Pendle Hill two or three times a week, and when I spoke to Lynne said she would like to go up Pendle so I announced: ‘If you’d like it, we’ll help you get up Pendle Hill.’

“There have been around 12 or 15 people meeting to discuss various issues of getting Lynne up the hill in a wheelchair. We are going to get money for charities through it - North West Air Ambulance, Rossendale and Pendle Mountain Rescue Team and the organisation Bikeability which helps disabled people to ride.”

Lynne, who lives on the Nelson/Colne boundary, said: “I’ve been up Pendle Hill a few times in the past but, since November, 2001, I have lost my walking ability due to a series of strokes.

“I am a bit nervous about going up Pendle – but I am really looking forward to it! I’m really pleased that people are organising it for me.”

Contributions to the charities can be made at Green’s Cafe in Alkincoats Park, Colne, which is run by Jan Raven, and the fair trade shop Ethiko in Market Street, Colne, run by Sandra Nuttall.

Jan said: “We are looking at setting up a charity website, and we will be making collections on the day we take Lynne up the hill.

“There is a group of friends involved, but we need volunteers including big men to help carry Lynne up Pendle, but others as well. It’s really difficult to get up the hill and we are looking at the way to get up. It is likely it will be up the path rather than the steps from Barley.”

You can visit two websites to find out more – Pendle Hill Appreciation Society and Colne Lancashire Now and Then, and if you want to volunteer to help, you can contact Jan on 07508 702933. “To offer help, I would be grateful to receive their calls,” she said.