Disaster Aid worker from Colne helps in aftermath of Cyclone Pablo

AID WORKER: Ed Cox (36), deployments manager at Disaster Aid UK (S)
AID WORKER: Ed Cox (36), deployments manager at Disaster Aid UK (S)

A FORMER journalist student from Colne has shared his story of helping to rebuild communities following a devastating cyclone in the Philippines.

Ed Cox (36), deployments manager at Disaster Aid UK, flew out to the southern island of Mindanoa five days after Cyclone Pablo hit in December. He was joined by three more volunteers from the charity two days later.

The disaster, which left nearly 2,000 dead or missing, and over 2,500 with injuries, caused $1 billion worth of damage, according to Impact Forecasting’s December report, “Global Catastrophe Recap”.

Mr Cox, of Favordale Road, has since been working in an area of Baganga, providing family survival kits and shelter to those in need.

He described the experience as “truly humbling”, and plans on staying in the Philippines until Monday.

The former Christ Church Primary School pupil, who started as a volunteer after the Indian Ocean Tsunami, said: “In truth, this has been a very tough job.

“I have worked in war zones, earthquakes, famine, floods, and all manner of disaster.

“But what has been really hard about this job has been the extent of damage to life and property and the lack of other international aid assistance to the area we are working in.

“If you are ever having a low moment, then all you need to do is look around you at the community and how they are helping us help them to rebuild. It makes it all worth it.

“I simply wish there was more that we could do.”