Discussions over Colne’s parking problems

Parking problems on West Street (S)
Parking problems on West Street (S)
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Ideas are being discussed by councillors in a bid to resolve parking problems in Colne.

A public meeting was called by Pendle Council following concerns over the Newtown Street and West Street area.

The main issues were reported to be in the streets around the new health centre – Sun Street, Newtown Street, West Street, James Street, Peter Street and St John Street – and, as well as residents, local organisations are also suffering.

Now Coun. Tony Greaves, Coun. Dorothy Lord, and Coun. Graham Roach are in discussion with the council’s engineering and car parking staff in order to turn the many suggestions into proposals.

Waterside councillor Coun. Greaves said: “There are so many problems here, and at times the streets are a complete shambles.

“It’s inevitable that the various interests are all looking at it from their own point of view. But at the moment everyone is suffering in one way or another, and what it needs is a bit of give and take on all sides.

“There is no magic solution – there are too many vehicles trying to use too little space on these streets. But we think that by combining a number of different small proposals we can make things a bit less difficult.”

At the meeting discussions also took place over the health centre’s large car park, most of which is a free “blue disk” area managed by Pendle Council. There are designated spaces for doctors, but other staff create parking in the local streets.

Complaints were made that the health centre had erected “Patients Only” signs on what was thought to be a public car park governed by a council off-street parking order and controlled by Pendle Council staff.

And it was also pointed out by a number of residents and councillors that the car park is never full and often at least half empty. But the health centre said it was just for patients.

The area becomes particularly chaotic at the junction of Newtown Street and West Street when parents are taking children to and from Newtown Nursery.

An NHS spokesman said: “Our priority is ensure that patients are able to access the health centre at all times. However we are very keen to work with our partners and neighbours to help with the current situation.”

And Newtown Nursery chair of governors Gerry McCabe, added: “As well as being the chair of governors, I am a grandparent, who has been taking children to and from the nursery for over two-and-a-half years.

“My main point is that the health centre car park has 80 odd spaces and there are never more than 40 cars on it. When parents use the car park they are never there more than 15 minutes. I don’t know why it is taking so long to resolve the problem, when the health centre could alleviate it.

“The nursery put in a funding bid 18 months ago to provide much-needed provision for two-year-old children, and we failed to get it because of car parking.”