Drug addict stole box of foreign cash

Burnley Magistrates Court
Burnley Magistrates Court

A “DESPERATE” drug addict who needed funds helped himself to a cash box containing £1,000 - but it was all foreign currency, a court heard.

Anthony White, who was fresh out of jail, needed a fix of heroin, but found himself with a haul of money from around the globe, including dollars and Japanese yen.

Pennine magistrates were told how White was clocking up his 40th raid when he sneaked into a Colne firm and took the box after sliding back a window hatch. He left his fingerprints on the inside and outside of the hatch during the theft and was later arrested.

White (30), of West Street, Nelson, admitted burglary between September 22nd and 27th and his case was adjourned for a pre-sentence report.

The hearing was told the defendant had 30 previous convictions for burglary and his record included nine offences of burglary he had asked to be considered in the past.

Mr Keith Rennison, for White, said he had not targeted the premises and committed the offence after an opportunity arose.

The defendant had been on the way to the tip, went into the firm, slid the window across and took the cash box.

Mr Rennison said White’s grandmother, who had brought him up, had died while he was in prison in September and that troubled him a great deal. He had been on methadone while in custody but on his release he went back to heroin, his “crutch,” as he had not been allowed to attend his grandmother’s funeral.

The solicitor said: “He has received custodial sentences on numerous occasions and unfortunately, they don’t seem to be getting to the root cause of his offending.

“The defendant had no money, no income and nothing to live off and found himself in a desperate situation. He had got a habit to feed and no legitimate money coming in.”