Drug dealer caught red-handed

A DRUG user spotted in the process of selling a £10 heroin deal by police has been jailed for two and a half years.

Burnley Crown Court heard how Sajad Ahmed (27), who lived with his parents in Fleet Street, Nelson, struggled with officers after he was caught red-handed on Scotland Road in the town. The defendant, who was subject to a community order at the time, had drug dealing-related text messages on his phone. The defendant admitted possessing heroin with intent to supply.

Mr John Hargan (prosecuting) said last June 10th, at about 2-25 p.m., plain clothes police driving in Scotland Road, saw a drug addict coming out of a telephone box and were suspicious.

She walked towards Ahmed, held out £10 and he looked as if he was concealing something. An officer approached him and took hold of him. The defendant put his hand towards his mouth, struggled with the officer and his colleague, and a small package fell onto the road.

Mr Hargan said Ahmed was arrested, taken to the police station, but made no comment. The plastic bag was found to contain 149 milligrams of heroin, at 37 per cent purity. The defendant’s phones were seized and text messages were found. The number of the telephone box on Scotland Road was saved in one of the phones.

The hearing was told the defendant’s home was searched and police found scales, tin foil and some methadone. Ahmed had six previous convictions, none of them for drugs and had not been to custody.

Mr Martin Hackett, for Ahmed, handed the court two letters from the defendant’s father which, he said, showed the effects that Ahmed’s behaviour had had on his family.

The case was sad as the defendant was a young man with intelligence and had started a course at UMIST. He had been assessed as suitable for a drugs programme.